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Your blood type could give clues to your health

New research has discovered that, depending on whether your blood type is A,B, AB or O, you may be more or less likely to suffer from different illnesses – heart disease, cancer, stroke etc. Although this guide must not be taken as being 100% accurate, it may help you to be more aware of illnesses that you could contact, and take precautions wherever possible.

  • Memory Problems – Blood Type AB

    According to the journal ‘Neurology’, having AB blood type may increase your risk of cognitive impairment, particularly among older people with AB blood who are more likely than those with other blood types to have problems learning or recalling lists of items.

  • Stomach Cancer – Blood Types AB and A

    According to a study from the ‘American Journal of Epidemiology’, if your blood type is AB, your risk of stomach cancer is roughly 26 per cent higher than if you had blood type B or O. Those with blood type A are also at a higher risk (by 20 per cent) than those with type B or O.

  • Ulcers – Blood Type O

    The same bacteria that may potentially cause stomach cancer among blood types A and AB, may increase the likelihood of developing ulcers if you are type O.

  • Heart Disease – Blood Types AB and B

    According to research from the ‘Harvard School of Public Health’, people with blood types AB and B were at the greatest risk of heart disease.

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