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Helpful hints to recognize a stroke and limit the damage

According to Neurological experts, if a person has had a stroke and receives treatment within 3 hours, they would be able to save them and return them to health. All one needs to know is how to identify a stroke, and once you know it has happened, rush the person to the hospital immediately, so they can be saved in time.

At times, it can be quite hard to identify the symptoms of stroke. Unfortunately, this may lead to brain injury and death.

So how do you identify a stroke?

Today, neurologists recommend 4 simple steps to identify if the person has had a stroke:

  1. Ask the person to smile.
  2. Ask them to say a simple sentence and repeat it a few times.
  3. Ask them to raise their arms above their head.
  4. Ask them to stick out their tongue. The tongue of a healthy person is straight. If the tongue is crooked – ie.- if it is leaning to the left or the right, it is a clear indication of a stroke.

If the person has trouble doing ANY of the above, rush them to the nearest hospital rightaway, and describe the symptoms so they need waste no time in identifying the illness.

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