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Vehicle maintenance checklist 1

Maintaining your vehicle well ensures that it is safe for you, your passengers, as well as other road users. Regular maintenance also helps your vehicle run more efficiently, which reduces smoky emissions that pollute our environment and affect our health.Parts of your vehicle you should check and maintain regularly:

Faults such as worn steering components, defective or bald tyres, spongy brakes or faulty headlights may make a motor vehicle dangerous to the driver, passengers or other road users. It could involve you in a serious road accident. You may not be able to get your full insurance claim in the event of an accident if there is proof that you vehicle has been neglected. It is therefore important to ensure that your vehicle is regularly checked, maintained and serviced.

Common indicators of faults

  • Tyres: ensure your tread depth is 1.5mm or more, check that the tyre pressure isat the regulatory level, and check for damage to the body of the tyre.
  • Brakes: check that the brake fluid is at an acceptable level. Low fluid level may indicate potential brake failure. Ask a garage mechanic to help check if your brakes feel spongy, need to be pumped, or pull your vehicle to one side when applied.
  • Lights: check that your lights work, are not coated with a film that dims them, do not have cracked lenses and that your headlights are correctly aligned.
  • Steering: seek the help of your garage mechanic if your vehicle wanders all over the road, has excessive play in the steering or requires continual correction.
  • Coolant, oil and windscreen washers: check your coolant, engine oil and windscreen washing bottle levels several times a week. Ensure that they according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

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