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Vehicle maintenance checklist 3

Clean brake dust off regularly
Brake dust usually clings to the wheels with static electricity so a damp sponge and clean cold water is the best way to clean it. If you leave it on for too long, the combination of road dirt, moisture and heat from your brakes will stick it permanently onto your tyres.

Check your tyre pressures
Check your tyre pressures regularly, at least once a week. Poor tyre pressures can affect fuel economy and handling. It’s easy to do at any fuel station.

Check your tread depth
Most tyres have tread wear bars built into them now. Tyres should be replaced in pairs, that is to say, you should replace the two front tyres or the two back tyres together, rather than replace individual tyres.

Check your belts
Apart from your seat belts, there are other belts you need to worry about, namely your timing belt and fan belt. Get them checked every 40,000 km, preferably replace them every 50,000 miles.

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