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Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

Almost all material is combustible and therefore prone to destruction by fire in varying degrees. So all property, whether movable or immovable, must be protected from the devastating effects of fire. With Allianz as your partner, you are protected from the devastating effects of fire.

Our Fire policy protects your home, commercial or industrial property, from fire and lightning. You can also extend the policy to cover other perils such as riot and strike, malicious damage, terrorism, and explosion. But the policy does not cover damage caused by the explosion of boilers and other pressured vessels, impact damage, aircraft damage, as well as damage resulting from cyclones, storms, tempests and floods, tidal waves, tsunamis, earthquakes, electrical fires as well as from bursting and overflowing water tanks and pipes, sprinkler leaks and spontaneous… combustion.

We will also cover the cost of removing the debris arising from the damage covered, and the consequent cost of architects and surveyors fees for restoring the property, if you include these covers.

Sum Insured

  • The basis of the Sum Insured can be either at the cost of restoring the property, or at the cost of replacing the property to the value at the time of loss. You decide.

Business Interruption Insurance

  • You can also insure yourself against loss of profit/ income arising from the interruption of business on your premises resulting from physical damage to your property caused by the peril insured under the main fire policy.

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