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Global HealthCare Insurance

Providing worldwide care

Allianz Global Healthcare is a medical insurance plan that provides comprehensive pre-to post hospital care for you and your family. There are very few restrictions on how money is spend for medical treatment and services and you are assured of high quality, world class healthcare anywhere in the world.

When it comes to delivering excellent services to our clients, Allianz Global Healthcare is second to none. Hence we are the fastest growing health insurer in the world.

You and your family can depend on Allianz Global Healthcare, as your health insurer, to give you access to the best care possible wherever you are in the world. Because we specialise in health insurance and backed by the resources and expertise of Allianz SE, you can depend on a service that’s fast, flexible and totally reliable.

Summary Of Benefits

Premium Payment Schedule

We offer one of the most generous international health insurance plans up to USD 1.5 million cover per year and no deductible or co – payment.This gives you and your family global access to first class medicalcare- wherever you are excluding USA & Canada.

Elective Treatment

You and your family have the flexibility to choose where, when and by whom you are treated, except in the USA and Canada.

Home Country Treatment

You and your family can elect to receive treatment in your home country as you desire.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are covered within the limits of your plan unless indicated otherwise on the table of benefits on your insurance certificate. However, pre-existing chronic conditions are not covered unless they are declared by you on the application form and accepted by us in writing.


You and your family could enjoy a continued cover even if you are relocated. This is an important consideration for on-going family care, when comparing the benefits of Allianz Global Healthcare with a local plan and underwriting applicable to the region of relocation.

International Payment Guarantees

Global payment guarantees so that you do not have to pay the hospital and/or emergency medical evacuation services directly.

Emergency Medical Advice and Assistance

The emergency assistance centre will provide medical advice, evaluation, referral and hospital admission assistance over the phone.

Emergency Evacuation Services and Repatriation

In extreme emergencies, air or surface evacuation to the nearest suitable hospital (where medically appropriate) can be arranged. In the event of death, Allia nz can arrange for either repatriationof the body or a local burial

In case of an emergency, please call our 24/7 service centre via the following numbers;

For emergency assistance anywhere in the world excluding the USA and Canada – 00911244343955

For emergency assistance in Sri Lanka – 0094112317917

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