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Marine Insurance

Allianz has been trading with shippers around the world since our inception in the 19th century. The global Allianz network provides both shippers and carriers with the covers they need.

In today’s global village, goods valued at priceless sums of money are traded across countries in large volumes, daily. The risk of losses increases in proportion to the distance the goods travel.

Our policies are customised to meet the highly individualised needs of our clients.

Our standard Marine Cargo Insurance covers loss/ damage caused during the movement of cargo from one port/ country to another, whether conveyed by sea, air or hand. Allianz also covers you for loss / damage to your goods in the course of transit by air, sea or land.

Basis of Sum Insured

  • Marine Insurance policies are issued on an ‘agreed value basis,’ and are based on the invoice and cover incidental expenses.

Types of Coverage Offered

  • All overseas transits are subjected to Institute Cargo Clauses, underwritten by the Lloyds Underwriter and Technical Committee, London.

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