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Liability Insurance

Just as you need to be insured against the risk of death and personal injury, or damage or destruction to your property, you are also at risk of incurring liability to third parties. With Allianz as your partner, you are ensured of protection from such liabilities which could occur in the course of your daily business activities.

Allianz Public and Products

Our Liability insurance protects your businesses if you have to pay compensation for personal injury and property damage to third parties caused in the course of your daily business activities.

Public Liability Insurance

  • You are protected from any legal liability to be paid as compensation for accidental bodily injury and/or damage to the property of any third party arising out of, and in connection with, your business. With the written consent of Allianz, or can also protect yourself from all litigation expenses recovered by the claimant.

Products Liability Insurance

  • As a manufacturer or supplier of products, you want to free yourself from all possible legal liability that could arise from bodily injury caused from the use of your products after they are sold or supplied. With Allianz as your reliable long- term partner, you can now safeguard yourself from such risks.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • It has been laid down in courts of law that the highest possible standard of care and accuracy must be exercised by a professional who accepts a fee for giving advice on technical matters. As a professional, this places a burden on you and your professionalism.
  • This special form of insurance covers you for any legal liability for financial losses incurred by a third party that have resulted from advice given by you in your professional capacity.

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

  • We cover employers against liability arising under the WCI Act (link) as well as protect you from any legal liability that may arise from claims by your employees under Common Law.
  • The WCI applies to all employees regardless of their level of earnings. It is not compulsory to cover those employees under WCI policies, but you will still be required to pay compensation for a valid claim under the Act.

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