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Group Term Life

A Group Term Life Plan covers group of individuals, providing a lump sum benefit in the event a person faced with an unfortunate tragedy. Allianz Group Life Plans provide you with flexible solutions that strike the right balance between your financial objectives and the needs of your employees or members.

What a Group Life Plan means for Employers

There are valuable benefits for your organisation in having a Group Life Insurance Plan.

  • It removes the moral dilemma of how to assist the family of an employee who dies or who faces the unfortunate event.
  • It enhances your reputation as a caring employer.
  • It assists in the retention of key staff.

What a Group Life Plan means for Employees

  • It gives them peace of mind
  • It is a highly valued benefit for those employees who have a young family. It is also valued by employees with a high level of financial commitment dependent upon the continuation of regular income.
  • More relaxed health evidence requirements mean that employees’ acceptance terms are more favourable than if they take out an individual policy and they still have the option of continuing their cover under an individual policy if they leave.

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