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Universal Life Family

Protecting your Family

You love and cherish your family and would do anything in your power to ensure their safety and security. But life is uncertain and there may be times during which you are unable to do so. This is when Allianz steps in. We will give you the confidence you need to take care of your loved ones at all times.


  • Cover is coupled with investment element
  • Flexibility to increase premium during the policy term
  • Flexible payments – monthly, quarterly, half- yearly or annually
  • Flexibility to change premium payment frequency
  • Flexibility to alter the basic sum assured during the policy term
  • Flexibility to choose a term between 10 and 30 years
  • Option to pay top-up premiums
  • Option to cover spouse under the main policy.
  • Option to make partial withdrawals from the investment account.
  • Many additional covers to enhance protection, chosen from Allianz riders


  • Minimum Age at entry : 18 years
  • Maximum Age at entry : 60 years

Policy Term

  • Minimum term : 10 years
  • Maximum term : 30 years

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