Allianz Insurance Lanka
Colombo, July 29, 2020: Allianz Insurance Lanka Limited (Allianz Lanka) recognized 59 team members from across its Life and General Insurance businesses for their commitment to service excellence under its ‘Trailblazers of Allianz - We care A to Z 2020’ program. 

These Trailblazers were nominated by the insurer’s management team from across the company for going above and beyond their call of duty, especially during the COVID-19 related lockdown, to deliver world-class service to Allianz Lanka’s policyholders. Their relentless efforts and steadfast commitment helped ensure seamless running of the company’s business operations as well as regulatory and back office processes during this period. Staying true to Allianz’s purpose of “securing your future”, they served as a key pillar of support to both customers and colleagues through the lockdown and beyond.

Running in parallel with Allianz Lanka’s on-going appraisal and rewards initiatives, the ‘Trailblazers of Allianz’ program seeks to look beyond performance numbers alone. It is aimed at honouring team members’ commitment to upholding Allianz’s values and delivering world class service that drives them to go above and beyond their call of duty.

Commending these exceptional Trailblazers, the program also hopes to encourage other team members to rise above challenges and become exceptional “work heroes” within Allianz Lanka’s agile, collaborative and creative work environment.

Thanking them for their dedication, Gany Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Insurance Lanka Limited, presented them with letters of commendation and tokens of appreciation.

Some of Allianz Lanka’s Trailblazers receiving their awards from members of the company’s Senior Management Team
“At Allianz, we have always considered our team members to be our greatest asset. Their commitment and efforts to ensure uninterrupted service delivery at a time when the whole world is faced with an unprecedented health and economic crisis has been truly inspiring. This is especially true in the case of the 59 Trailblazers being honoured in this inaugural phase of our ‘Trailblazers of Allianz’ program. Rising above all challenges, they went beyond their call of duty to uphold our values and service standards during these trying times, Mr. Subramaniam said. “Staying true to Allianz’s purpose of securing the future, these heroes are a symbol of our commitment to being there for our customers and all other stakeholders through thick and thin, always providing guidance, support and true partnership throughout their lives.”

Going forward, the program will continue to identify and highlight self-motivated individuals from across the company who work independently with minimum supervision and direction, meeting all deadlines and targets, consistently. It will look for team members who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and an engaged, positive attitude, overcoming challenges and limitations through creativity and innovation.