Providing Worldwide Healthcare for You and Your Family

  • Health insurance covers up to USD 1.5 million per year with no deductible
  • Access to the best global healthcare and medical services for you and your loved ones
  • Comprehensive pre-to-post hospitalization cover including diagnosis and post-treatment care
Contact our emergency assistance center with relevant information, so that Allianz can take over direct payment settlements to the hospital or medical service
Choose where, when and by whom you are treated anywhere around the world, with the flexibility to be treated at home in Sri Lanka
Ensure that you and your family receive continued healthcare or on-going medical treatment even when relocated due to unforeseen circumstances
With a 100-year insurance legacy in protecting millions of people around the world, enabling them to live healthier, fulfilling lives
A helpline for emergency assistance anywhere in the world, including referrals, medical advice and hospital admission assistance
Access to choose from a growing global directory of prescreened hospitals, doctors and health practitioners