Collaborating for a sustainable future

Allianz is one of the strongest financial communities in the world and seeks to position itself as one of the world’s most trusted financial service providers and a global sustainability leader, hence sustainability is part of the Allianz group’s DNA. We always think in long-term outcomes and how we can make the world a more resilient place. By the very nature of our core business; ‘protecting people and businesses against risk’ we contribute to our customers’ long-term financial wellbeing and stabilize local economies.

We want our stakeholders to know that Allianz is a financially stable, responsible and trustworthy company that embraces sustainable business. Our most material issues are those perceived as vital for business success and sustainability by our stakeholder groups to identify what they see as materially important for sustainable development at Allianz.

Allianz is a purpose led business, since 1890, all around the globe we have been aiming to enrich people’s lives through innovations and make a positive impact on society through a wide range of products, services and solutions that give courage to our customers for what’s ahead as well as contribute to a more sustainable planet.

As we aim to be the trusted partner of our stakeholders, the importance of delivering solutions that positively contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is very clear. Over the years, we have actively integrated SDGs into our work and partnerships, utilizing our resources to address issues such as nutrition, hygiene and climate change. We are also increasingly recognizing the need to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into all aspects of assessing and managing risk and opportunity.

This commitment extends to Sri Lanka as well where being a responsible and sustainable company is at the foundation of our business. We have made great strides in reducing our own carbon footprint, helping our customers adopt more sustainable behaviours, supporting employee wellbeing and helping communities become more resilient.

Our initiatives in Sri Lanka are primarily based around securing a more sustainable and safer future for every child. The recent global and local conditions have exacerbated threats to the most vulnerable groups in our society and created new risks to their lives and futures. Therefore, at Allianz Sri Lanka we have an unrelenting desire to make ourselves useful and bring smiles to our future generations.

We are also working to equip our own people for the future. As the way we all work is constantly changing, we are making efforts to create an inclusive environment where every person at Allianz is encouraged and supported to reach their full potential. It is critical for our future to build an organization that is deeply valued by its people. Furthermore, we are investing in a culture of innovation where every employee is empowered to play an integral role in driving sustainability and innovation efforts.

As industry leaders we will continue to inspire action every day and collaborate with diverse stakeholders to collectively tackle complex sustainability challenges and create a better future for the communities we serve and the world at large.

In line with the global vision, the sustainability approach at Allianz Lanka is anchored to our pillars of Social Inclusion, Climate Change and Decarburization which encompass our most significant impacts on the environment. Integrity and trust are embedded into our corporate strategy as we perform our business in a sustainable manner. To support this long term approach, our team members continue to monitor social issues that we are uniquely capable of addressing, so we can enhance the quality of life and contribute to an improved future for all Sri Lankans. 
Through donations, sponsorships and volunteering in the areas of sports, education, health and other critical areas we hope to create a strong and vibrant community

Allianz Lanka Unveils its first Sustainable Initiative for 2021

Hettiarachchigama is a rural agricultural village, with a humble and hospitable community located in North Western Province, about 80Km away from Kurunegala. Having visited several schools in the area, the Allianz team picked NW / Maho / Giribawa Hettiearachchigam Primary School in Warawewa as the school with the greatest need for this solar installation. The school now has a solar panel with a capacity of 3kWh (a 7 solar panel unit) which provides its complete electricity requirements. Close to 50 children from farmer families between the grades of 1-5 and five teachers will benefit from this initiative. This is in line with Allianz’s global focus on Climate Change and Decarbonization.   

We believe in the power of collaboration and view long-term partnerships as instrumental to delivering positive change. Allianz’s businesses are signatory and member of a wide range of global sustainability initiatives and principles such as the below.