Householders' Insurance

  • A full cover for property damage from natural disasters, malicious acts and other causes
  •  Range of optional covers to choose from with free benefits in case of property damage
  • Qualified appraisers to help you estimate and discern the value of your home 
Protects from a specified list of natural perils, impact damage, malicious damage as well as electrical and mechanical malfunctions
Covers additional expenses in case of property damage including alternative accommodation, consulting fees and damage to deeds
Extends to Burglary & House Breaking, Personal Accident, Workmen’s Compensation and Property Owner’s Liability Covers as required
With a 100-year insurance legacy in protecting millions of people around the world, enabling them to live safer, fulfilling lives
A customer hotline powered by trained professionals to assist in emergencies and provide claim support
Ability to lodge a claim via our customer hotline with the claim settlement guaranteed in 7 working days from submission