•  Provides additional coverage above your existing property insurance cover limits for fire-related loss and damage
  • Cover can be extended to include other forms of threats and natural perils for immovable property
  • Varying degrees of protection for different types of property
The policyholder decides if the sum insured is at the cost of restoring the property, or replacing the property to the value at the time of loss
The policy can be extended to cover specified list of perils such as fire and lightning and natural perils including volcanic eruption and electrical accidents. The plan can be extended with optional covers for an additional premium
Covers additional expenses in case of property damage including professional fees for architects and surveyors and clearing of debris
With a 130-year insurance legacy in protecting millions of people around the world, enabling them to live safer, fulfilling lives
A customer hotline powered by trained professionals to assist in emergencies and provide claim support
Ability to lodge a claim via our customer hotline with the claim settlement guaranteed in 7 working days from submission
  1. Riot & Strike
  2. Malicious Damage
  3. Explosion (Excluding damage caused by explosion of boilers and other pressured vessels) 
  4. Terrorism Cover
  5. Aircraft Damage
  6. Impact Damage
  7. Cyclone, Storm, Tempest
  8. Flood Cover
  9. Earthquake
  10. Electrical Fires
  11. Bursting / Overflowing of Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes
  12. Volcanic Eruption
  13. Tsunami and Tidal Waves
  14. Hurricane, Typhoon, Tornado
  15. Spontaneous Combustions
  16. Thunderstorm, Hailstorm, Windstorm, Rainstorm Due To Atmospheric Disturbances
  17. Burglary Involving Forcible /Violent Entry /Exit from Premises Including Hold-Up Cover
    *Terms and Conditions Apply
Free Covers with Above Extensions: 
  • Removal of Debris from the Damage Covered
  • Architect, Surveyor and Consulting Engineer Fee