Allianz Group Life Protector

  • Flexible solutions for different organizations based on scale and nature of business 
  • A wide range of optional covers to build more comprehensive solutions 
  • Peace of mind for both employers and employees
Enables you to empower your employees, assists in the retention of your key staff, and enhances your reputation as a caring employer with the Allianz brand association
Provides your team with financial protection, giving them peace of mind, and incentive to be more productive and feel valued for their loyalty to the company
Different levels of cover and benefits through the creation of sub-groups for larger organizations and / or groups to offer more flexibility in scaling as a company
A 130-year insurance legacy in helping millions of people achieve their financial freedom and wellbeing
Renowned for our ability to offer products that meet today’s demanding lifestyles and financial challenges
Highly rated and dependable agents trained to global standards providing expert assistance